Research & Development

Research & Development

Final report of major research project & titled "Synthesis & Characterization V2-VI3 in single crystal/nanomaterial/thin film forms" by Prof. M.P. Deshpande - Principal Investigator

Executive Summary of the evaluated final report of Major Research Project entitled : "Vibrational Response and Phase transition in certain non-simple metals and alloys covering wide range of densities" by Dr. N. K. Bhatt

Major Areas of Research

Crystal growth (different methods) and Characterization

  • Thin film preparation and device fabrication
  • Nanoparticle studies
  • Photovoltaic and other Electronic Applications
  • X-ray crystallography of bio-molecules etc
  • High Pressure studies on crystals
  • Theory of Condensed-Matter systems,
  • Atomic and Molecular Collisions and electron impact ionization (Theory)
  • Hadron Physics (Theory)

Research Projects Completed :- More than 35 major research projects have been completed successfully.

Ongoing Research Projects:- 2 Major Research Projects funded by UGC.

Research Grants:- around 12 crores since 2004

Research Students:- total 35 FT / PT currently working

Research Publications:- during 2004-2011 (total 246)

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