Our Department is three storied building with a another three storied extended wing. The details are as below:-
Office of the Head01
Administrative office01
Office for Staff Members20
Lectures Hall04
M. Sc. Lab.03
Specialized Research Labs14

Major facilities of equipment :

We have an excellent infrastructure for research in experimental as well as Theoretical Physics as outlined below.

Crystal Growth systems – Bridgman, flux, solution and vapour phase, High-Vacuum Coating Unit, Hall measurement system (with low temperature facility-Lakeshore), Semiconductor characterization system. Lipholizer, X-ray generators-Powder and single crystal Diffractometers, Refrigerated microprocessor controlled centrifuge, High temperature furnaces (AGNI), Optical Microscope (Carl Zeiss), High Pressure system (Bridgman anvil and diamond anvil) with UV-VIS-NIR absorption Spectrometer, Particle size analyzer, Spectrofluorometer, Silar coating unit, DTA/TGA analyzer dedicated computers with softwares for theoretical/computational work.

Major Sophisticated Instruments

Hall-EffectMeasurementSystem.JPG Hall-Effect Measurement System
Low voltage wide resistance range sys. Sample geometry – van der pauw Number of contacts – 4 Resistance range: 100 μ Ω to 100GΩ Magnet power supply : Four quadrant Measures Van der pauw factor, resistivity, Hall coefficient, Hall mobility, etc
TrinocularUprightMetallurgicalMicroscope.JPG Trinocular Upright Metallurgical Microscope
Reflection type Microscope with Halogen Source Total Four Object Lens (5X,10X,20X,50X) CCD attachment for Interfacing with Computer Micro structural analysis of Single Crystal can be performed
X-rayGenerator.JPG X-ray Generator
ID 3000 X ray generator Maximum Tube Voltage 60 KV Maximum Tube Current 80 mA Power 3.5 KW It is a photographic technique but quite useful for the characterization purpose.
HighTemperatureFurnace.JPGHigh Temperature Furnace
Horizontal Tube Furnace, Temperature 1700oC (Max.) Two Zone Furnace, High Alumina (99.7 % Al2O3) Tube, Accuracy of Temperature Controller 0 . 001oC
HighVacuumcoatingunit.JPG High Vacuum coating unit
Achievable vacuum level : 1X10-3 mbar (liquid nitrogen trap) Substrate cleaning by DC glow Preparation of thin films of metals / semiconductors by Thermal evaporation technique
Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine
Imaging Spectrometer
Rigaku Ultima IV Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
Bruker Kappa Apex II Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer (CCD 4)
Bridgman Crystal growth set-up
Silar Thin Film Deposition Set-Up
TGA/DTA analyzer
Particle size analyzer