Research & Development

Major Research Project (Completed)

  • Development and Try-Out of Reading Comprehension Programme for the Schedule tribe puipls studying in Std. VII of tribal area of Gujarat State.
  • An Investigation to study the extent and patterns of furstration of Adolescent pupils of secondary school of tribal areas of Gujarat state with reference to demographic variables.
  • A study of the effectiveness of collaborative learning on four phases of learning.
  • A case study of DIET - Kathalal
  • A Case study of DIET - Baroda.
  • A Case study of DIET Santrampur (Panch Mahal)
  • A Study of Emotional Intelligence of Higher Secondary School Students of Gujarat State in relation to certain Variables.
  • Preparation and Tryout of a programme for the professional development of in-service teachers.
  • A study of effectiveness of cognitive self Direction Model On Teaching anxiety, Teaching efficasy and meta cognitive skills of pre service teachers.
  • Effectiveness of Reading, Writing and Numeracy skills Enhancement Programme on Academic Achievement of Dear students.
  • An Analytical Study of Indian philosophy and psychology of education and its implications. (UGC Financed )

Major Research Projects (Ongoing)

Analyses of Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) in Secondary Teacher Training Programme of Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar and Development of a strategy to achieve ZPD incidence using Delphi Technique. (UGC Financed)