From the Desk of the Head

Welcome to the Department of Education

The Department of Education is buzzing with chores of semester exams. The students are approaching teachers with books in hand and serious looks. They look a bit strained and are browsing through pages of different colours and size. The last minute preparations are on. This is the time for assimilating information to generate knowledge. The students of this department study some interesting papers, i.e. Understanding Human Development, Education studies, History, Politics, Economics and Education, etc. which have strong interdisciplinary approach.

The Department is all braced up for the forthcoming NAAC peer team visit. We are committed to quality education. At the Post graduate level education includes: teaching, learning, research and other developmental activities. We follow the CBCS which gives a larger scope to students for electives and credit earning. Field-based experience programme and internship are other two major specialties of M.Ed. programme. It gives students scope for immersion in the reality of educational institutions and helps develop a sense of responsibility, attitude for problem solving and connect with community. We are happy to see our students as amateur teacher-educators when they return from such programmes.

Education, in the globalizing world, should also care for indigenous wisdom and world-view. Hence, our recent curriculum integrates Bhartiya Darshan as a pivotal concern. We vision a human being who believes in and spreads the massage of “सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु . This maxim is the beacon light of education, especially in the time of turmoil and intolerance. We, as the part of Sardar Patel University family, strive to attain a human excellence in education that would lead us to internal peace and external prosperity. We wish all to celebrate the same pursuit during the lamp-lit days of Diwali and New Year!

Dr. S. C. Padavi