Department Profile

Department Profile

The post-graduate Department of Education was established in 1964 but bifurcated from M.B.Patel College of Education in 1988.

Faculty & Staff

The department has the following posts:

Non teaching staff:2

Major Areas of Specialization & Research

  1. Philosophy of Education
  2. Psychometry Testing
  3. Metacognition
  4. Educational Management
  5. Sociology of Education
  6. Guidance & Counselling
  7. Language Teaching
  8. Teacher Education

The specialization also includes contextual & other inputs in research activities.

Special Contribution of the Department

  1. The department faculties are instrumental in spreading the new development in curriculum, psychological testing, philosophy of education & educational management at teacher education institutions in Gujarat.
  2. The department supervised the research leading to Ph.D. in Education of about 22 students from Thailand & two students from U.S.A.
  3. Five faculty members received financial assistance from U.G.C. for major research project.
  4. Faculty members generally visit institution of higher learning for a research work & as resource person.
  5. Faculty members also provide informal guidance to the students as & when required in the state of Gujarat.
  6. Department also publishes a prestigious Journal of Education & Psychology.
  7. Faculties of the department generally work as a resource person as an external member of research committee at university or department level.

The department is housed in the building of M.B. Patel College of Education.

Future Plan 

The department is planning to start some add on courses for the practicing and perspectives teachers. These course will be like:

1.       Educational counseling and Accreditation

2.       Indian perspectives of education

3.       Establishing Quality school

4.       Planning and conducting Qualitative studies.

The department wishes to set up a forum for Innovation in education for the teachers of all the M.Ed. and B.Ed. colleges of this University.

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