1.   25 Students have cleared NET/SLET up till now.
2. 4 Students working as JRF / Full time Ph.D. scholars.
3. Faculty members work as experts / Resource persons at State and National level.
4. 2 faculty members got deputation to The Children’s Unieversity, Gandhinagar.
1. Dr. K.S. Likhia as the Vice-Chancellor
2. Dr. M.A. Chotalia as the Director  He also works as an advisor, Convener and author of 10               course  books in the subject of English.
5. Prof. M.K. Yagnik has been working on NAAC assignments across the country and also served           as   the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Saurashtra University, Rajkot. 
6. Teachers of the department render their services for GCERT financed project to teachers and            DIET  lecturers.
7. Education Boards including text book board also seek help of expertise.
8. DIET also seeks help of the departmental teachers. Departmental teachers also work as                   members of  the advisory committee.
9. Working as experts on RDC of various universities
10. GCERT and DIET level researches, state level research advisory committee
11. Departmental teachers also help in validation process of the research tools and intervention             Programmes  for research