Useful Links

1. Department of Science and Technology
2. University Grants Commission      
3. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
4. Science and Engineering Research Board
5. Quantum Chemistry Links (A collection of
links for Notes and other info)
6. Search The ACS Journals (Specific search
for ACS journals)
7. Sciquest (Another source of Journals and
other info)                                                         bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/sci_index.d2w/report
8. Periodic Table- 1 (Detailed info of the
        elements)                                                                 chemistry/index.phpperiodic             
9. Periodic Table- 2 (Another site)      
10. The the NIST chemistry web book (loads of
useful information)
11. The NIST reference on constants, units and
12. Google (Chemistry related Links)      
13. Organic Chemistry Portal                
14. Google Scholar Search                      
15. Spu Exam                                      
16. Academic