Research & Development

Research & Development

Executive Summary of the evaluated final report of work done by PI Prof. M. N. Patel- Project Name : Evolution of metal based drug as SOD mimic and artificial metallonuclease"

Details of Ongoing Research Projects

Details of Project Completed in Last Five Years

Industry Sponsored Projects

Publications in National & International Journals (1970- March 2011) - 1556

PhD Degree's Awarded (1958-2010) - 385

Thrust Area of research:

Polymer Science (Polymer synthesis, modification and characterization, composites, solution properties, biodegradable polymers etc)

Organic Chemistry (Synthesis of bio-active heterocycles, photochromic dyes, medicinal chemistry etc)

Inorganic Chemistry (Coordination chemistry and polymers)

Physical Chemistry (Thermodynamics of Nonelectrolyte solutions, Ionic liquids)

Theoritical Chemistry (Normal coordinate treatment & MO calculations of organic and inorganic molecules)

Material Chemistry (Mesoporous Thin Films, Dye Sensitized Solar Cells)