The Department has a spacious building facilities with essential lab space etc. Over the years. It has acquired various equipments needed for the M. Sc. and Ph. D. laboratories.

Instrument Facilities :

Analytical Services and Charges

Undertaking Form for NMR

Requisition Slip for NMR

Photographs of the important equipments procured

The above facilities are  being utilized to its  maximum use for the characterisation, property evaluation and analysis etc.  

Library :

The books and journals are kept in the department library. A total collection of 6500 reference text books and handbooks are presently available

The Chemical Abstracts in bound form and old issues of various Research Journals are being made available. Presently a total 13 National and 7 International Journals are being subscribed.

The department has an Auditorium  for conducting seminars and conferences etc.