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IVth BHMS (New Course)
T.Y. Music & DanceIIIrd BHMS (New Course)IInd BHMS (New Course)
BA (Advanced) - V Semester (New Course)Diploma in Music & DanceS.Y. Music & Dance
BBA - VI Semester (Old Course)B.A -V Semester (Old Course)B.A- VI Semester (Old Course)
BBA - V Semester (New Course)BBA - V Semester (Old Course)BBA - VI Semester (New Course)]
BSW - VI SemesterLL.B - VI SemesterLL.B- V Semester
BCA - V SemesterBCA - VI SemesterBSW - V Semester
B.Sc (Home Science) - V SemesterB.Sc (Home Science) VI SemesterBCA - V Semester (Old Course)
B.Com - VI Semester(Old Course)B.Sc - V Semester(Old Course)B.Sc - VI Semester (Old Course)
B.A. - Semester 6 (NC - 2 Subjects)B.A. - Semester 5 (NC - 2 Subjects)B.Com - V Semester(Old Course)
B.Sc. - Semester 5 (NC - 2 Subjects)B.Com. - Semester 6 (NC - 2 Subjects)B.Com. - Semester 5 (NC - 2 Subjects)
T.Y Basic B.Sc NursingM.D. (Anaesthesiology)B.Sc. - Semester 6 (NC - 2 Subjects)
Third Year Physician AssistantF.Y Basic B.Sc NursingS.Y Basic B.Sc Nursing
Fourth Year Basic B.Sc NursingM.Sc. (IT) - Sem 2 (NC)Second Year Physician Assistant
F.Y. M.Sc NursingS.Y. M.Sc NursingS.Y. Post Basic B.Sc Nursing
Final Year M.O.ThFirst Year & Third Year B.O.ThSecond Year & Final Year B.O.Th
Second Year & Final Year B.P.T.First Year B.P.T.LL.B. (CBCS) - II Sem (Reg & NC)
LL.M. Dissertation Viva- Voce ScheduleM.Sc. (Chemistry) - 3 (PS03CORC28)Third Year B.P.T.
M.Sc. (Chemistry) - 4 (PS04CPHC24)M.Sc. (Chemistry) - 4 (PS04CPHC28)External (Practical) Examination -B.Ed. - III Semester (UE03CBD206)
M.Sc. (Chemistry) - 4 (PS04CANC28)M.Sc. (Chemistry) - 4 (PS04CINC28)M.Sc. (Chemistry) - 4 (PS04CORC28)
Certificate Course in EnglishBBA - VIII SemesterB.A. (Visual Arts)- VIII Semester
LL.M. (New Course) - Semester 1M.Voc. (Insurance & Financial Marketing) - Semester 3M.Voc. (Insurance & Financial Marketing) - Semester 4
B.Sc (CA & IT) -VI SemesterLL.M. (CBCS) - Semester 2LL.M. (CBCS) - Semester 3
LLB (CBCS) - Semester 1 (NC) (Old Course)LLB (CBCS) - Semester 4 (NC) (Old Course)S.Y. B.Sc (MT) (Revised)
M.Sc MT (CLT) - Part - IIMaster of Interior design -I SemesterP.G. Diploma in Dietetics
DMLTF.Y. B.Sc(MT) &  T.Y. B.Sc(MT) (Revised),M.Sc MT (CLT) - Part - I
Bachelor of Planning - IV SemesterBachelor of Planning - VIII SemesterBBA LL.B (Integrated) - IV Sem ( New Course)
Bachelor of Interior design -V SemesterBachelor of Interior design -VII SemesterBachelor of Interior design -VIII Semester
Bachelor of Interior design -II SemesterBachelor of Interior design -III SemesterBachelor of Interior design -IV Semester
B. Architecture - VIII SemBA LL.B (Integrated) - IV Sem ( New Course)Bachelor of Interior design -I Semester
B. Architecture - IX Sem (Old Course)B. Architecture - V SemB. Architecture - VI Sem
B. Architecture - II SemB. Architecture - III SemB. Architecture - IV Sem
BBA LL.B (Integrated) - VIII SemBBA LL.B (Integrated) - X SemB. Architecture - I Sem
BBA LL.B (Integrated) - II Sem (Reg & NC)BBA LL.B (Integrated) - IV SemBBA LL.B (Integrated) - VI Sem
BA LL.B (Integrated) - VI SemBA LL.B (Integrated) - VIII SemBA LL.B (Integrated) - X Sem
B.A. (Adv)- IV Semester (NC)BA LL.B (Integrated) - II Sem (Reg)BA LL.B (Integrated) - IV Sem
BBA LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 8DLPDTP
BA LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 8BBA LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 4BBA LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 6
B.Voc. (Software Development) - Semester VIBA LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 4BA LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 6
B.Com-BBA LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 10B.Voc. (Banking & Finance Services) - Semester 6B.Voc. (Export Import Management) - Semester 6
B.A. (Adv)- II Semester (NC)B.Com. LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 4B.Com. LL.B. (Honors) (Integrated) - Semester 6
B.H.M.S. - IV (New Course)B.H.M.S. - IV (Old Course)B.H.M.S. - IV
T.Y.B.A. - External (Old Course)T.Y. B.Com - External(New Course)T.Y.B.A. - External (New Course)
S.Y.B.A. - External (New Course)S.Y.B.A. - External (Old Course)T.Y.B.Com. - External
M.A. (Previous) - External (Old Course)S.Y.B.Com. - External (New Course)S.Y.B.Com. - External (Old Course)
M.A. (Final) - External (New Course)M.A. (Final) - External (Old Course)M.A. (Previous) - External (New Course)
M.Com. (Final) - External (Old Course)M.Com. (Previous) - External (New Course)M.Com. (Previous) - External (Old Course)
F.Y.B.A. - External (New Course)F.Y.B.A. - External (Old Course)M.Com. (Final) - External (New Course)
LL.B. (CBCS) - VI SemesterF.Y.B.Com. - External (New Course)F.Y.B.Com. - External (Old Course)
B.Ed. (Special) - II SemesterB.Ed. (Special) - IV SemesterB.Sc. -II Semester (NC)
B.Com. (Hon.) - VI Semester (New Course)B.Ed. (Adv) - III SemesterB.Ed. (English) - III Semester
B.S.W. - VI Semester (Revised)B.Com. - VI Semester (New Course)B.Com. - VI Semester (Old Course)
B.B.A. - VI Semester (New Course)B.C.A. - VI Semester (NC)B.C.A. - VI Semester (New Course)
B.Sc. (Home Science) - VI Semester (Old Course)B.Sc. (Home Science) - VI SemesterB.B.A. - VI Semester (NC)
B.Ed. (CBCS) - II SemesterB.Sc. - VI Semester (NC)
B.Sc.  - VI Semester (New Course)
B.A. (Advanced) - VI Semester (NC)B.A. (Advanced) - VI Semester (New Course)B.A. (MCJ) - VI Semester
M.Pharm. - Semester - 2B.A. - VI Semester (NC) (Revised)B.A. - VI Semester (New Course)
M.Sc. (Industrial Hygiene & Safety) Semester 4M.Sc. (Polymer Science & Technology) Semester 4M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester 4
M.Com. (E-Business) - Semester 3M.Sc. (Applied Statistics) Semester 4M.Sc. (IGBT) Semester 10
M.Sc. (Renewable Energy) - Semester 4M.Sc. (SCT) - Semester 4M.S.W. - Semester 4 (Revised)
M.Sc. (PCH) - Semester 4M.Sc. (Physics) - Semester 4 (Revised)M.Sc. (Plant & Machinery Valuation) - Semester 3
M.S.W. (HR) - Semester 4 M.Sc. (Material Science) - Semester 4M.Sc. (Mathematics) -Semester 4
M.Sc. (IGBT) - Semester 8M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) - Semester 4M.Sc. (Instrumentation & Control) - Semester 4
M.Sc. (Forensic Science) - Semester 4M.Sc. (Home Science) -Semester 4M.Sc. (IGBT) - Semester 6
M.Sc. (Chemistry) - Semester 4 (Revised)M.Sc. (Electronics) - Semester 4M.Sc. (EST) - Semester 4
M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry) - Semester 4M.Sc. (Applied Physics) - Semester 4M.Sc. (BioScience) - Semester 4
M.A. (JMC) - Semester 4M.Com. - Semester 4M.Ed. - Semester 4
P.G.H.R.DSchedule for Online Viva for Chemistry - II (PS02CCHE26)M.A. - Semester 4 (Re-Revised)
M.Sc. (Applied Statistics) - II SemM.Sc. (Applied Statistics) - I SemLL.B. (CBCS) - I Sem
M.Sc. (Applied Statistics) - III SemM.Sc. (Bio Science)- I SemM.Sc. (QPM) -I Sem
M.Sc. (Statistics)- I SemM.Sc. (QPM) -III SemM.Sc. (QPM) -II Sem
M.Sc. (IT) (INT) - VI SEMM.Sc. (Statistics)- III SemM.Sc. (Statistics)- II Sem
M.Sc. (Bioscience) - III SEM B.B.A. - IV Semester (Revised) M.D. & M.S.
M.Sc. (Home Science) - III Sem (Reg )M.Sc. IT (Int) II Semester (NC)M.Sc. IT (Int) IV Semester (NC)
PGDCA - II SemesterPGDCA - II Semester (New Course)M.Sc. (Home Science) - I Sem (Reg & NC)
M.Sc. (Chemistry) - III Semester (New Course)M.Sc. (Chemistry) - I Semester (Old Course) (Revised)M.Sc. (Chemistry) - III Semester (Old & New Course) (Revised)
M.Sc. (Physics) - III SemesterM.Sc. (Chemistry) - I Semester (New Course)M.Sc. (Chemistry) - II Semester (Old Course)
M.Sc. (Mathematics) - I SemesterM.Sc. (Mathematics) - III Semester (Revised)M.Sc. (Physics) - I Semester
M.Sc. (Home Science) - II SemesterB.Sc. - IV Semester (NC)PGDCAA - II Semester
M.Sc. (Material Science) - II SemesterB.B.A. - II Semester
M.S.W. - II SemesterM.S.W. (HR) - II SemesterM.C.A. - IV Semester
M.Sc. (IT) - II Semester (Revised)M.Sc. (Mathematics) - II SemesterM.Sc. (Physics) - II Semester
M.Ed. - II SemesterM.Sc. (Bioscience) - II Semester (Re-Revised)M.Sc. (Chemistry) - II Semester
M.A. (Economics, English, Gujarati, Hindi, History, Sociology) - II SemesterM.C.A. - II SemesterM.Com. - II Semester
B.A. - II SemesterB.C.A. - II SemesterB.Com - II Semester
M.SC. (IT) - III SemesterPGDCA - I Semester (Revised)PGDCAA - I Semester
M.SC. (Electronics)- II SemesterM.SC. (Electronics)- III SemesterM.SC. (IT) I Semester
M.C.A. - III SemesterM.C.A. - V SemesterM.ED. - III Semester
Master of Physiotherapy - Part - IMaster of Physiotherapy - Part - IIM.C.A. - I Semester
B.Lib. - II Semester
M.A. (Sanskrit, Psychology, Political Science) - II SemesterM.Lib. (FT & PT) - II Semester
M.S.W. (HR)- III SemesterM.Com. - I SemesterM.Com. - III Semester
M.S.W. - I SemesterM.S.W.- III SemesterM.S.W. (HR)- I Semester
M.SC. (Forensic Science) - II SemM.SC. (Surface Coating Technology) - II SemM.SC. (Surface Coating Technology) - III Sem
M.SC. (Applied Physics) - III SemM.SC. (Bioinformatics)- II SemM.SC. (Biomedical Science)- II Sem
M.SC. (Applied Chemistry) - III SemM.SC. (Applied Chemistry)- I SemesterM.SC. (Applied Physics) - II Sem
M.A.- I Sem (Online Mode) (Re-Revised)M.A.- III Sem (Online Mode) (Re-Revised)M.SC. (Applied Chemistry) - II Sem
B.A. IV SEM (NC) Online EXAM Third MBBS Part - ISecond Year MBBS
B.C.A IV SEM (NC) Online EXAM B.Com. IV Semester (NC)- Online Mode

Examination Notification : 2021 - 2022

Examination Notification : 2020 - 2021

Circular Regarding Conducting Online Examination for M.A. (History) (UA02CHIS21)

Paper Style for Pharmaceutical Science (M.Pharm.)

Circular Regarding Exam Barcode Sticker (UG - Third Semester)

Circular Regarding Extend date of Exam form First Semester

Circular Regarding Examination Notification for BHMS (Supplymentary Exam)

Circular Regarding Examination Notification for First MBBS

Notice Regarding Postponement of University Examinations Commencing from 23-11-2020

Circular Regarding Theory Exam Remuneration

Circular Regarding Exam Barcode Sticker

Circular Regarding Internal Marks

RHR Notification for August-September-October-2020

Circular Regarding Examination Form Filling for First Semester(UG/PG),

Notification - MBBS II

Circular Conducting Examination & Sanitization

Circular Regarding Examination Form for Old Subjects to New Subjects

Paper Style for B.Voc. - COVID-19

Paper Style for B.Sc. (Home Science) (2) - COVID-19

Paper Style for B.Sc. (CA & IT) - COVID-19

Paper Style for B.Ed. (Adv) - COVID-19

Paper Style for B.Ed. Special (MR-ID) - COVID-19

Paper Style for B.Lib., M.Lib. - COVID-19

Paper Style for B.Sc. (Home Science) - COVID-19

Paper Style for M.Ed. - COVID-19

Paper Style for P.G. Courses (Science, CISST, Home Science, Pharma. Science) - COVID-19

Paripatra Regarding Practical-Viva Examination (October-November 2020)

Paper Style for BBA-BCom - COVID-19

Paper Style for B.Sc.-B.C.A.- COVID-19

Paper Style for Bachelor of Optpmetry (B.Opt.)- Bachelor of Physician Assistant (B.Ph.A.) - COVID 19

Paper Style for BA-BSW - COVID-19

Paper Style for BA (Adv)-BSW (SE) - COVID-19

Paper Style for LLB (All Course), LLM, DTP, DLP, 

Circular related to B.Ed. Examination Form 

Dhandhero  of the Academic year 2020-2021

Circular for Examination Notification for (First, Third & Fifth Semester)

Paper Style for MA, MSW, MSW-HR, MHRM (All Semester)

Paper Style for Master of Commerce (All Semester)

Guidelines for filling Examination form

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Hall Ticket Downloading Information for Departments/Colleges (Only for CBCS - 2014 batch onwards)

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Examination Seating Arrangement 2021 - 2022

Seating Arrangement of B.Arch, B.I.D

Seating Arrangement of All U.G - V & VI Semester (Two Subject NC)

Seating Arrangement - Music & dance, Diploma in Music & Dance, B.V.A. - VIII

Examination Seating Arrangement 2020 - 2021