Admission Process

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The process of admission for International Students is simple if the step-by-step method given below is followed.

1. All applicants must check with the university prospectus available on the university website to ascertain the eligibility requirements for the course(s) they might be applying for.

2. The applicants need to fill up their Enrolment Form downloaded from and send this along with the relevant documents applicable in their individual case to the mailing address or e-mail address of the ISC.

3. Those applying for admission to Postgraduate Departments in the University should then download the application form, the eligibility form, and the registration form from the university website, fill these up, attach the relevant supporting documents, and bring these with them. Of course, they will have to pay the university the fee prescribed for the same on arrival in the university. Those others applying for admission to Postgraduate Centres in the colleges or institutions affiliated to the University need not download the application form.

4. All the documents must be invariably authenticated and attested by the appropriate officials in the University or Universities he or she attended. The ISC will need a minimum of four weeks from the date the documents are received here to process the application and inform the applicant about the outcome of his or her application.

5. All applicants found eligible applicant will be sent a provisional admission letter, which they are required to produce, with a valid passport in the Indian Embassy or the Indian High Commission (as the case may be) in their respective native countries, get a student visa endorsed to Sardar Patel University for the entire duration of any undergraduate or postgraduate programme.

6. Those applicants who send requests for admission to MPhil or PhD programmes should get a research visa similarly endorsed for the entire duration of the concerned programme.

7. Application forms for eligibility and for admission to the MPhil or PhD programmes and all other courses shall be submitted to the International Students Centre, with a fee of $835 in cash in person or by Demand Draft drawn in favour of the “Registrar, Sardar Patel University”, payable at Vallabh Vidyanagar only.

8. After a student is found eligible for admission to the MPhil degree course, his or her application for MPhil admission shall be sent to the concerned Department of the University. Applications for admission to the PhD programmes shall be placed before the concerned Research Committee.

9. Once the applicant arrives in India, he or she must approach the International Students Centre of Sardar Patel University. He/she must produce the original certificates for authenticating the photocopies attached to various forms. The original certificates will be returned to the student immediately after making the necessary endorsements.

10. No admission will be confirmed without the verification of their original certificates, medical fitness test and payment of required fees.