Exposure Visit

Exposure Visit/Study Camp 2015

  1. Visit to Sardar Patel University’s Museum by students of Social Work and HRM.
  2. Industrial Study Tour-2015, organized by Department of Social Work to Pune Maharashtra from 04/10/2015 to 12/10/2015 and Presentation of Study Tour Experience
  3. NSS Camp at Vanskhiliya Village, Anand
  4. Students of Department of Social Work Visited Bhaikaka Library in Open Book Fair.
  5. Exposure Visit Exposure Visit of Social Work Students at Central Jail,

Extension Activities

Extension Activities- 2015

Extension activity provides a link between the department and the Society. In order to create socially sensitive citizens, the second semester students are made aware of the common extension activities through various extension activities in the rural areas of anand district. Extension activities are organized based on the need of the community around. So the institution involves the local community especially the Panchayat members to execute extension activities. Activities of students are as follows in different categories

A) Health Related Activities:-
1) Awareness on Health, hygiene and cleanliness in the villages

The concept of the street play is based on awareness of cleanliness and importance of cleanliness. The play was organized by the students of department of social work. The H.R student had organized a play in the Vanshkhiliya village to spread the awareness on save cleanliness and its importance by performing in the form of small skit/drama.

Objective behind such plays were:-
• To spread awareness regarding cleanliness among people.
• And also spreading awareness on importance of cleanliness.
• Aware people about effect of cleanliness in our health.
• To inspire the community about awareness to achieve or maintain their village keep clean and public space as well.
The street play turned out to be a huge hit among the audiences present over; the HRM students were successful in their objective of the message they had to pass. The HRM students got a positive response for this play and the villagers insisted to do such more plays in the future.

2) A medical camp was organized by the students of Pratibha Foundation, Vadodara at Dena Village of Vadodara District. A doctor was called for the medical check-up. It was a wonderful exposure for the students. Student volunteers had planned the activity in a significant manner. The villagers had registered themselves for the case of themselves and after that one by one they were being examined by the doctors. It was a great exposure for the villagers to have the free medical camp. The students had also learnt a learnt through this free medical camp at dena village of vadodara district.

3) In mogri village, students of Social Work and HRM had organized a De-Addiction awareness programme. Students had carried out the programme in the school for the children. Students had shown a video to the children and they had given information about the de-addiction. It was wonderful job done by students of Social Work and HRM.
4) Students of Social Work and HRM had organized one activity related to the awareness of HIV/AIDS. Students had arranged a video and posters so that they can get the message in a proper manner. Students had shown them the causes and diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. Students had also gave message that HIV/AIDS people should not be avoided and they should be given proper and fair treatment.

5) Students of Social Work and HRM had organized an awareness campaign on the Dengue disease. Students had conveyed them that Dengue fever is transmitted by the bite of female mosquito an Aedes mosquito. It’s not a contagious disease its not spread from person t person unless and while the affected blood is transmitted or the mosquito can effectively transfer the viruses to people during the mosquito bite.

B) Education related activities.

Students of Department of Social Work had spread awareness among the students of school in the village. The awareness campaign was carried out by students by showing videos to the students in the school. The parents of the school were also being aware by doing the door to door visit. It was such a wonderful session and work done by students to aware people about Right to Education Act.
1) Students of Bhagatsingh All India Youth council fieldwork students had organized a lecture on Importance of Education System in Nadiad and Petlad. Students had made the people understand about the importance of education in a significant manner. It was really a wonderful session delivered by students
2) Education is the transformative learning process that is very essential in creating and promoting mutual understanding across racial, cultural, religious, political and geographical divides. Young people as agents of change have a responsibility in fostering global understanding and peace through creating awareness.

The students had shown a video related to education awareness in the Pratibha Foundation for the students. The students were being aware about importance of education in a very significant manner. It was a wonderful video shown by them. Students of Social Work and HRM conducted the PRA activity in the Jobanpura villages students had done mapping of whole village with help of 3-4 villagers within one day for the help village people.

On the day of field work the student of (Jr.) Social Work and (Jr.) HRM went to the Jobanpura village then they met the sarpunch of the village Sudarshanbhai. They discussed with him the activity that they went to do that day. After that Sarpanch appointed students one person to help us in the PRA activity. They discussed with him all the details that they want for the activity so firstly they start with a transact walk. Then they started making map of the village on the big sheet. And some also collect the timeline of the village that how this village come in to existence. So after collecting all the information that they need they went to a big place to draw the village map and make small cards with a detail inside about villagers. they made resource map, social map and chappati diagram. They also took help of villagers and they are very supportive. After all that they took photographs of the activity and they thank them for their support.

C) Livelihood related activities

Students had collected data related to people who are unemployed in the village in spite of their good education. The data was collected to know the ratio of unemployed people who were educated but still they were unable to get the job. Students of Social Work and HRM found so many people in the village who were unemployed so students had decided to develop their skill by organizing skill development programme. The students had invited in adas village a faculty of skill development who had delivered a lecture on skill development. The faculty member had covered so many important points related to current market situation.

d) Environment related activities.

1)Tree Plantation creates instant forests. We do this by growing tall tree seedlings in the shortest time possible. Our patented technology grows hardwood and softwood tree seedlings to an average height of 10 feet in just 5 years from seed. In a world where quality wood is rapidly disappearing due to climate change, insect infestations and unsustainable logging practices, Tree Plantation is poised to effect a positive change in the world's forests by implementing fast growing tree technology on a global scale.

The students who had placed in Bhagatsingh All India Youth Council, Vallabh Vidyanagar had planted Neem tree and Peepal Tree for the betterment of environment. It was a great initiative taken by students to safeguard the interest of the environmental protection.

2) HRM students have arranged one session on awareness for organic & biodynamic farming for village people as most of them are depending upon agriculture sector. They gave knowledge about traditional methods about farming and benefits of traditional methods of farming.
The objectives of the activities were:-
• To aware village people about different methods of farming which is beneficial for their agriculture sector.
• To explain this all technics with seminar & seminar was taken by expert who is from aanad Agriculture University.
• To explain the importance of traditional methods of agriculture.

Women Related Activities.
1) Women Empowerment:- referring to the empowerment of women in our present society, has become a significant topic of discussion in regards to development and economics. It can also point to the approaches regarding genders in a particular political or social context. “Women empowerment” & “Women equality with men” is a universe issue. Women empowerment refers to increasing and improving the social, economic, political and legal strength of women, to ensure equal right to women, and to make them confident enough to claim their rights. The women in the villages were being aware about the women empowerment via a lecture given by students. The women in the village were being given deep insights of the changing scenario in the current world of women in terms of health, education and employment.
International Women’s Day Celebration:-

Students had started their session by showing them the video of drama about threats received from their husband and raising their voice against it was the main motto for shoeing the video. The Other video was the main motto for shoeing the video. The Other video was for the daughters that whatever they do they do with their confidence and within heart and follow your dreams and concluded the session by taking the photos of women who were present and participated in it. The students had shown a pretty practical approach to show the women empowerment in a significant manner.
PRA group conducted vocational training for the women empowerment in Jobanpura village. They invited expert Mr. Nilesh from Saath NGO for giving session on vocational training for women group.

PRA group conducted the activity on vocational training at jobanpura village , they called resource person Mr. Nilesh from “ SAATH “ NGO , ahmedabad. They gave the expert knowledge on women empowerment to the womens of jobanpura village and after the session some of the women are ready for doing the small scale business of Agarbatthi making .the person they called has provide the enough knowledge and also give his suggestions on the topic of vocational training.

Field action project

Field Action Projects 2015

1) CSR Project Organised by Cadila Healthcare Ltd with Department of
Social Work

Department of Social Work always strive to build up practical knowledge for skill expansion of Social Work and HRM students. Based on that, the representative from the Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Mr. Dhiraj came with the objectives under CSR activity to providefield Exposure to Social Work and HRM Students, for which He need to work collaboratively with Department of Social Work. He has divided whole propgramme accordingly.

Phase I
(Orientation of Whole Activity)

The Orientation began with a small introduction of Mr. DhirajChoudhary the personnel responsible of CSR activity of Cadila Healthcare Ltd. He continued the orientation by explaining the meaning of corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) about the rules and regulation enforcing the organization to conduct social activities for the society. Then he gave a brief overview about their company’s objective towards CSR. He has also explained 26/06/2015 & 27/062015 Schedule and activities to be taken in to account. The overall objective for organizing orientation programme is to make Social Work and HRM students aware about their Roles and responsibility for these two days’ activity.
Phase II
(“Baseline Survey” and “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”)

Second Phase is for implementation of an action plan. The First Day of the activity started with a survey in Umraya village. The main Objective of the survey was to know the problems in the village and work accordingly in future as well as student may know the identification of problem, data collection methods and techniques. The Students did survey and collect
reliable information. The community people accepted the surveyors and provide relevant data answer. The next day the activity was on “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” The Students performed a rally holding posters passing on message of importance of cleanliness and shouting different slogans to make community people aware. After the whole activity there was a feedback session in which the students and the representative of Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Mr. Dhiraj Chauhan interacted and exchanged their experiences. The activity helped the student to develop the skills of adjusting, observing, accepting and aware
the community. It will help to focus on the area where still BPL families are dwelling and do not get basic facilities of life.

2) Training of IMS Health Project to Students of Social Work and HRM.

IMS Health is a leading global information and technology services company providing clients in the healthcare industry with end-to-end solutions to measure and improve their performance.Foundation for Diffusion of Innovation work in area of Research, Enovation, Enterprising through multi-disciplinary action.Based on similar line Department of Social Work, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar collaborated with Foundation for Diffusion of Innovation for the GAVI-UNDP funded eVIN project, wherein 30 students were being intervied and on the based of these 16 lucky student got the golden opportunity to work for the eVIN project.Students developed their skills in the area of survey in research by visiting different session sites at Vadodara, Dahod, Saurashtra, Surat and Anand

Seminar Workshop Training Conference

Seminar, Workshop and Training 2015

  1. “NGO Meet - 2015”
  2. “HR Conclave-2015 on People Matters: Role of HR in Community Sustainability
  3. One-Day Training on Gender Issues:- Awareness Amongst Youth
  4. One-Day Training on “Right to Information Act, 2005”
  5. One-Day Programme on “Sardar Revisit
  6. HR Summit on “Organizational Re-Design and Innovative HRM”
  7. UGC Sponsored National Level Short term training program in Child Protection : Training for Capacity Building of Child Protector 2015
  8. UGC Sponsored National Seminar : Human Rights Education Issues Challenges and Strategies.

Student Exchange program

Student Exchange Programme 2015

Visit of Department of Social Work by Students of Karnataka University of Social Work

Students Development Initiatives

The Division of Student Development is committed to creating a vital and engaged campus community that challenges and supports students to learn and develop the knowledge, skills, and values needed to lead and serve in an interdependent, global society. Our approach is both holistic and inclusive. Holistic in that student growth and development is fostered intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually. Inclusive in that all members of the campus community - especially our students - are encouraged to become actively engaged in the teaching and learning process.

Department of Social Work, Sardar Patel University is taking so much of initiatives for the overall student development. We believe in the practical approach and for the same fieldwork is an integral part. Students are being sent in the field to learn the theoretical part in a practical manner. Apart from all these, during the year students are being given so much of greater flavour of academic activities wherein their learning development are being enhanced. During the year of 2015-16, different guest speakers are invited from different corporate, companies and organizations. Students of MSW and MHRM do participate in all these activities to the fullest extent. Students are also given opportunities for fieldwork training, guest lectures, HR Conclaves/ Summit, Trainings , Field work symposiums and NGO meets. Students are exposed to the fieldwork training also in each and every semester. They are also being exposed to the exposure visits. Each year students are being given opportunity for study tours. Department students participate in all academic activities. It’s being observed that students get job because of the so many academic activities as it helps students in developing their skills to the fullest extent. Students get certificates of participation. Some of the students had good number of achievements in their academics. Mr. Tirth Kharod from second semester had got the certificate of appreciation from police commissioner of Baroda for making a documentary on traffic control. Ms. Nikitha Bhatta from second semester had got certificate for swimming championship.

Students of MSW and MHRM had also participated in ANVESHAN-Student Research Convention of Sardar Patel University where in they have shown better performance by using their skills to the fullest extent possible. We, at department take utmost care and caution for student communication, student progression and student overall personality development. Department is taking so much of initiatives for student placements. too. Students can get job during their studies so that their morale can be boosted.