From the Desk of the Head

Welcome to the post graduate department of Physics

urmila.jpgOurs is a premier basic science department in this university, and has a remarkable history of more than 50 years in its interaction with and contribution to the society. This results from our active contacts and collaboration with science colleges and other universities within the state, within India and also abroad. In last 20-25 years our scientific interaction has also percolated down to higher secondary and even primary schools around Vallabh Vidyanagar and Anand. This has become possible due to our extension/outreach activities and programmes, aimed at public understanding and awareness on science.

The Department offers courses leading to M. Sc., M. Phil and Ph. D. Our students, both past and present are our ambassadors to the society at large. In the last five decades this department has provided successful teachers and professors to a large number of schools and science colleges in Gujarat. Our Ph. Ds. are Professors and Heads of the Departments in Colleges/Universities. A few of our brilliant students are serving as scientists in prestigious national and foreign laboratories / institutes / organizations. Some of our students have also joined industries and are using their basic knowledge for various applications. Apart from this we have contributed to the Physics education through our active involvement in various academic bodies, like Boards of studies, Faculty of Sciences and other committees (Gujarat State Text Books Board) for specific academic purposes. Another mode of our involvement at the state and the national level has been through our activities in various professional organizations. These are Indian Association for Physics Teachers, Gujarat Science Academy, Indian Physics Association, Materials Society of India, etc.

The distinguishing feature of the department is that it has been a leading centre of research in the field of Condensed Matter Physics which has earned a name nationally and internationally. Large numbers of major research projects (more than 35) funded by almost all the relevant major funding agencies of India, such as UGC, CSIR, DST, DAE-BRNS, DRDO, IPCL, ISRO, GUJCOST, 3 Phase DRS/SAP and COSIST program have been successfully completed by the department. Currently many individual projects are running in the department  and the FIST level-I funded by DST is being completed and we have received FIST level – I from year 2015 (Rs, 1.48 crores) . The deparment has been able to fetch large amount of funds ( ~ 11 crores from the last 5-7 years) within the plan period and outside the plan period. More than 156 Ph. Ds. and about 1000 M. Phil Degrees of this department have been awarded by the University. Many of the faculty members and researchers of the department have visited foreign countries receiving awards under Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship/scholarship, DAAD, Fulbright, Humboldt, INSA, Royal Society (UK) and other exchange programmes of UGC, MHRD, etc. The countries visited on academic assignments include USA, UK, Canada, USSR, Russia, Italy, Iran, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Cuba, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Holland, France, China, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and so on.

An important annual activity being done in our Department for the past 20 years is the celebration of “National Science Day” on February 28. This day is observed throughout the country to commemorate the discovery of Raman Effect, by Prof. C. V. Raman who got the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930. The science day programmes consist of Poster/Chart, model exhibition, popular lectures etc. on Physics/Science, for the benefit of students, teachers, and general public. Physics Alumni Association has been functioning well and the students welfare /extra curricular activities are being looked after by the Physical Society of the department. With the high research potential and dedications of the faculty members of the department helps the department to be the center of attraction for students from all over the state and outside the state for their post graduate studies in Physics.