Academic Programmes

Courses Offered







M. Sc. (Physics)

2 years

4 Semesters

B. Sc. (Physics)

II Class

M. Sc. I IV Semester courses Attached

M. Phil

1 year

2 Semester +


M. Sc. II Class +


Entrance Test

M. Phil I II

Semester courses Attached

Ph. D.


3 years (FT) / 4 years (PT)

Research Thesis

M. Sc. + NET / SLET /

University Entrance Test / M. Phil


M.Sc. Physics Syllabus

M.Sc. Physics : Semester I
Course No. PS01CPHY01
(Mathematical Physics and Computer Programming)
Course No. PS01CPHY02
(Classical and Statistical Mechanics)
Course No. PS01CPHY03
(Atomic Molecular & Laser Physics)
Course Elective PS01EPHY01
(Elements of Solid State Physics)
Course ELECTIVE PS01EPHY02 (Non-linear dynamics, Relativity & Cosmology)
M.Sc. Physics : Semester II
Course No. PS02CPHY01
(Quantum Mechanics I)
Course No. PS02CPHY02
(Elements Of Experimental Physics)
Course No. PS02CPHY03 (Electrodynamics And Plasma Physics)Course No. PS02EPHY01
(Analog & Digital Electronics)

M.Sc. Physics Syllabus

M.Sc. Physics : Semester III
Course No. PS03CPHY01
(Quantum Mechanics-II)
Course No. PS03CPHY02
(Nano-science and Thin-Film Physics)
Course No. PS03EPHY01
(Crystallography and Materials Science)
Course No. PS03EPHY02
(Magnetic and optical properties in condensed matter)
Course No. PS03EPHY03
(Microwave Communication: Electronics and Technology)
Course No. PS03EPHY04
(Microprocessors: Programming, Interfacing and Applications)
Course No. PS03EPHY05
(Theoretical Physics-I)
Course No. PS03EPHY06
(Computational Physics-I)
Course No. PS03EPHY07
(Solar Energy and Geothermal Energy)
Course No. PS03EPHY08
(Wind Energy and ocean Energy)
M.Sc. Physics : Semester IV
Course No. PS04CPHY01
(Nuclear and Particle Physics)
Course No. PS04CPHY02
(Theoretical Solid State Physics)
Course No. PS04EPHY01
(Applied Crystallography and Bio-physics)
Course No. PS04EPHY02
(Crystal Growth and Imperfections in Solids)
Course No. PS04EPHY03
(Signal Processing and Satellite Communication)
Course No. PS04EPHY04
(Advanced Solid State Electronic Devices)
Course No. PS04EPHY05
(Theoretical Physics-II)
Course No. PS04EPHY06
(Computational Physics-II)
Course No. PS04EPHY07
(Bio-mass and other systems; energy storage)
Course No. PS04EPHY08
(Nuclear Energy, Environmental Aspects; Energy Strategies/Management/Conservation)

M.Phil. Physics Syllabus

M. Phil. Physics - 2010 (Semester System)
Course No. P 801
Computational Physics and Numerical analysis
Course No. P 802
Advanced Condensed Matter Physics
(Growth, Imperfections and Nano-science)
Course No. P 803
Advanced Crystallography and Biomedical Instrumentation
Course No. P 804
Advanced Theoretical Physics I
M. Phil. Physics 2010-11 (IInd Semester)
Course No. P 901
Advances in Materials Characterization Techniques
Course No. P 902
Advanced Devices and High Pressure Physics
Course No. P 903
Introductory Biophysics and Medical Physics
Course No. P 904
Advanced Theoretical Physics II

Pre-Ph.D. Physics Syllabus

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